Open and Affirming and Reconciling Declaration

We are allied with both the United Church of Christ and United Methodist Church’s inclusive welcome statements as an ‘Open & Affirming’ and ‘Reconciling’ congregation. You are welcome here with us and welcome to participate fully in every aspect of our church life and ministry.

We’re allied with native peoples and other environmental advocates in the fight against plans to build facilities in Tacoma’s Tideflats that will encourage further extraction of fossil fuels, we have an ongoing study of ways to reduce our own carbon footprint, and we participate in the International Coastal Cleanup, among other environmental efforts.

We’re allied with more than 100 faith communities across Washington State in Faith Action Network, advocating with elected officials on behalf of policies to reduce wealth inequality; fund and protect health and mental health programs; dismantle the culture of violence; protect housing and sustain the environment.

We’re allied with local and national groups helping to feed, clothe and educate our community around the world through organizations like My Sister’s Pantry, and the annual Hunger Walk, Days for Girls,  supporting immigrants and refugees, and providing essential supplies for asylum-seekers released from Tacoma’s Northwest Detention Center.

And we are a “safe church,” committed to eliminating the conditions that can facilitate bad behavior and proactive in ensuring that everyone can participate fully in the life of the church without fear of exploitation, bullying or harassment.

Vision Statement

We, the members of United Church in University Place,
continuously share our Christian love,
develop our faith,
enrich our worship experiences,
green our ministry
and expand our active membership
to serve University Place
and the wider community.

Community Life

At United Church in University Place we celebrate and nurture our Church family in a variety of ways.  Fellowship Time held after our Sunday Worship service encourages members to meet each other and to greet and welcome visitors to our family. Potlucks are an important part of all Churches, and UCUP is no exception; we hold several each year!  An annual pumpkin carving party at Halloween provides fun for youth of all ages.

Mission Statement

We, the United Church in University Place, declare and celebrate God’s love for all the world revealed to us in Jesus Christ and in the continuing presence of the Holy Spirit.  We provide a center for worship, fellowship, learning, and service.  We support one another and join with people of other faiths to proclaim God’s message of love, justice, and mercy as we serve God’s creation at home and afar.  Acknowledging our spiritual journey is unfinished, we strive to understand God’s purpose.  Recognizing our faith community is incomplete, we strive for growth and openness.