Sermons from September 2021

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Travel as a Spiritual Act – Week 3


During the pandemic, most people have been cut off not only from traveling to distant places, but for many months, we were cut off from even visiting our family or friends in their own home – even if it was right next door or across town. Most of us cancelled plans and vacations, or simply […]

Travel as A Spiritual Act – Week 2


Let us pray: Grace extending God,  always and everywhere, in moments of intimacy or isolation, you summon us into relationship as our constant  Companion. You invite us to meet and companion one another, traveling together toward your kingdom of love. Amen.  Much of the biblical story takes place on the road. Or on the water. […]

Travel as a Spiritual Act – Week 1


Pilgrims, travelers. Wayfarers, peregrinis. Love our journey and love our homeland. Bound for the Kingdom of God. And so we enter this worship series of cultivating Travel as a Spiritual Act.  In the tradition of Celtic monasticism, Irish monks would set sail in a small boat called a coracle, without oar or rudder, to sail […]