Sermons from August 2021

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To an Unknown God: Acts 17


We are in the third week of exploring Paul’s second missionary journey with Silas, Timothy & Luke. They were met with success, but also persecution. They are thrown out of synagogues by fellow Jews, beaten and jailed by the Romans for being subversive in preaching that Jesus the Risen Christ is Lord rather than Caesar. […]

Paul & Silas set free from prison – Acts 16


This narrative is action-packed. It includes an exorcism, a mob scene, a kangaroo court, a flogging, a prison-cell, a midnight hymn sing in a prison-church, an earthquake, an altar call, a conversion, a baptism – concluding with new friends gathered around the table sharing food and hospitality in the name of Jesus. This is Paul’s […]

Lydia’s Hospitality – Acts 16:9-16


The last two Sundays we have explored Barnabas & Paul’s 1st missionary journey from Antioch to the Island of Cyprus, to Derbe & Lystra and back. The two apostles have a falling out over a disagreement over whether to take Barnabas’ cousin, John Mark, who some scholars believe wrote the Gospel of Mark. Barnabas ends […]