Sermons from March 2021

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 The Gifts of the Dark Wood: The Gift of Misfits


There is a great quote attributed to Jacob Nordby, the author of Blessed are the Weird:  “Blessed are the weird people – the poets and misfits, the artists, the writers and music makers, the dreamers and the outsiders – for they force us to see the world differently.” It is the gift of square pegs in […]

The Gifts of the Dark Wood: The Gift of Emptiness


This season of Lent, we are exploring Dark Wood moments in our lives that most often we prefer to avoid, but ultimately can’t, because they are part of what it means to be human. This morning we explore the gift of emptiness. Do you remember the nursery rhyme Old Mother Hubbard? Old Mother Hubbard went […]

The Gifts of the Dark Wood: Getting Lost


In almost every archetype of the Hero’s Journey, the protagonist becomes lost or disoriented at some point. Most Disney movies include this archetype: The Lion King, Moana, Aladdin. Many of these stories also feature the Dark Wood. In Beauty & the Beast, the castle is buried deep in a Dark Wood. In Fiction, Fantasy, Fairy […]

The Gifts of the Dark Wood: Thunderstruck


When was the last time we had a good thunder & lightning storm in the PNW? We’ve had windy days, but we don’t get many storms with thunder & lightning – so when it happens –  it’s exciting to count the seconds between the strikes of lightning and claps of thunder to determine how close […]