Sermons from September 2020

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Stone Tablets and A Golden Idol


The Israelites were living in the tangible presence of God. They were miraculously delivered from slavery in Egypt, by crossing the red sea and escaping their Egyptian pursuers. A pillar of cloud by day and fire by night guided their daily journey. Every morning when they woke up, their food for the day was on […]

Manna in the Wilderness, Water from a Rock, Remembering RBG


The Israelites are in their 6th week of 40 years of wandering in the Wilderness after being liberated from slavery in Egypt. Exodus 16-17 begins a Wilderness cycle of crisis-grumbling-providence-gratitude. It begins with complaint.  They ran out of food and complained bitterly,        How long do you think it’ll be, Moses, before we […]

Let My People Go


We are moving through the Book of Exodus this month as God breaks cycles of poverty, oppression, slavery. For Jews this story is the central claim of their faith. Out of hopeless slavery & death appears life and a future with Yahweh, their God.  In these chapters we witness how God liberates an oppressed people, delivers them, […]

Turning Aside to Greet the Holy One


Last Sunday, we heard the story of how the Civil Disobedience and acts of resistance of a few women saved the life of Moses during the regime of an insecure Pharoah. Brian Bantum: Perhaps revolution has always been enacted through the small acts that refuse to accommodate the regimes of death that press in each […]