Sermons from March 2020

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Raising of Lazarus – Lent 5


We are in the fifth week of Lent, and the lectionary brings us this text from the Gospel of John. This story is filled with deep anxiety, despair, grief and a sense of helplessness. We, too, are in the midst of anxious times. As we live into this time of Covid‐19, as we watch what […]

Anointing of Jesus – Lent 4 – Psalm 23 & Mark 14


The Gospel of Mark tells us that the woman who anointed Jesus was not invited – she was not a guest. She, a woman, walks into a gathering of men. And then she takes a beautiful alabaster jar, breaks it open, and pours expensive ointment on his head in an extravagant show of devotion. I […]

Jesus Teaching in the Temple – Mark 12


We are in the third week of Lent and in the third chapter of Dr. Amy Jill Levine’s book chronicling the last week of Jesus’ life – Entering the Passion. She writes that the Gospel of Mark tells us that after Jesus overturns the tables in the Temple and calls the institution a den of […]

Entering the Passion: Turning the Tables in the Temple


During Lent, we are reading through the scriptures of the Last week Jesus’ earthly life – the week we refer to as Holy Week. I am using Dr. Amy Jill Levine’s book “Entering the Passion” as well as “The Last Week” a book written by Marcus Borg & John Dominic Crossan. Last Sunday, we looked […]

Entering the Passion: Entry into Jerusalem


This morning we start our Lenten journey by entering the unfolding of holy week, the last week of Jesus’ life. Throughout Lent, we will consider the risks that Jesus took as he intentionally turns his face to Jerusalem where he has told his followers three times that he will be crucified and will rise again; […]