Sermons from February 2020

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Turn the Other Cheek


Matthew 5 offers the essence of Christian moral ethic and conduct. Jesus set the bar high, perhaps even out of reach. He re-interprets the ancient laws offering behaviors to address times when we are confronted by evil; where others are making unreasonable demands. Or those would seek to inflict violence upon vulnerable people or us. […]

SALT & LIGHT – Matthew 5


The lectionary takes a few Sundays to unpack the Sermon on the Mount from Matthew 5 – a collection of Jesus’ most often repeated teachings, the essence of what he taught. Today Jesus tells his followers “You are the Salt of the earth, You are the Light of the World”. Today we understand Salt of […]

Blessed are You – The Beattitudes – Matthew 5


Much of Christian culture links blessing with prosperity, health, satisfaction and material abundance. It’s tempting to equate these gifts with God’s favor, but it also comes with the misconception that those who are sick, those without material wealth, those who know misfortune: these are not so blessed. Jesus disrupts this worldview. In the Beatitudes Jesus […]