Sermons from April 2019

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Easter: Jesus/God as Gardener – Earth Day


Easter doesn’t often fall this close to Earth Day. But these two celebrations coming a day apart invite us to pay closer attention to the holiness of the earth, and the earthiness of Easter. The four gospels offer a different lens of encounters with the resurrected Christ. In Matthew, the resurrection resembles a theophany—with earthquake […]

Palm Sunday – The Seven Deadly Needs: The Need to Control


Jesus acts decisively entering into Jerusalem, but not in the way expected by his followers. In their book, “The Last Week”, Marcus Borg and John Dominic Crossan describe Palm Sunday procession of Jesus entering from one end of Jerusalem while the Roman Empire’s representative, Pontius Pilate, full of imperial power, entering from the other end […]

The Seven Deadly Needs: The Need to Look Good and Keep Score


Today we are looking at two deadly needs – The Need to Look Good & the Need to Keep Score – these two can be intertwined – as all of them can, actually. In Scripture today, we focus on the woman who poured out everything for Jesus without counting the cost or keeping score and […]