Sermons from February 2019

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Like a Tree Planted by the Water


These blessings and curses are really hard to hear, aren’t they?  At first reading, or hearing, we have to wonder at the harshness.  One is either happy or filled with woe, blessed or cursed.  But it seems to me that today’s scriptures are about the importance of relationships, both to God and to each other.  […]

Into the Deep


Do you remember learning how to swim? And the first time you went into deeper water?  I don’t remember if it was the FIRST time, but when I was 4, my family took a road trip to southern CA. We stopped at a motel that had not only a swimming pool which is not so […]

Love as action, not feeling – I Corinthians 13


Most people know these words from wedding ceremonies, celebrating the spiritual bond of love between two people. They are often spoken to unify two individuals for a lifelong journey of faithful marriage. Except this chapter, considered to be one of the most beautiful chapters in the Bible and other literature, was not written with the […]