Sermons from July 2018

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Feeding Multitudes; Whom Shall I Send?


I have heard this story of the Feeding of the Multitudes hundreds of times. One of the stories we know best in the Bible. I’ve preached on it multiple times from different angles, but until now, I had never put it in context with what happened before it.  This is an event that ALL four […]

Compassion: Love God, Love Neighbor, Love Self 


Can you remember the last time you were so moved by what you witnessed, by a story you heard, by a news report, that you felt a strong sense of connection and compassion – desiring with the core of your being to do something, to somehow alleviate the suffering?  Many people are moved by the […]

 What a Wonderful World: Original Sin vs. Original Blessing


What a Wonderful World: Original Sin vs. Original BlessingHow often do you think about the foundation of what you believe about God, about Christianity, about human nature? Probably not very often, and yet what we believe informs our theology, our lives, and our actions in a very deep way. What about this question, Original Sin […]