Sermons from May 2018

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Persistent Widow, Who will go for me, The earth groans


I don’t know when I first heard about Rev. William Barber and the Moral Monday campaign he started in North Carolina.  It’s been at least a couple of years ago.  I have yet to read his book, “The Third Reconstruction”, but it’s on my list.  This past December I received an email from PSR, where […]

Pentecost – Kilauea & The Royal Wedding


As the month of May began, a few of us from UCUP happened to be in Yellowstone watching boiling water, mud, & steam erupt from the deep geysers throughout the park.  We were somewhat protected by the boardwalks that kept us a safe distance from the bubbling earth. Even though we were disappointed to not […]

Ascension – Mother’s Day – Still I Rise


I invite you to bring a memory into view if you can conjure it up….reach back to remember a time when you were saying good-bye to someone, someone you wouldn’t be seeing for a long time.  Instead of turning away, to go back into the house, you watched as the car drove out of sight, […]