Sermons from January 2018

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Call of the Disciples


Three weeks ago, I introduced three questions from liturgical poet Jan Richardson about weaving the gifts the magi offered as questions to live into.  1. The gift of gold, the gift that recognized the identity of Jesus, invites us to consider: Who were you born to be? Two weeks ago we lived into that question […]

Come & See


Where do you come from? Where are you standing now? What do you want?  How do you know me? Questions that arise from the Gospel of John as Jesus invites his first followers to Come & See. Philip & Nathaniel must have been close friends because Philip immediately searches for him to tell him about […]

Baptism of Jesus – You are God’s Beloved


We return again and again to the liturgical year.  It’s grounding to be in the cycles of the earth and the cycle of our spiritual core, returning again and again to the source of all love.  Last Sunday evening, 30 of us celebrated Epiphany by walking into an Evergreen Spiral with an unlit candle, journeying […]

Epiphany Sunday


Matthew’s Gospel regarding the magi who visited Jesus, has inspired artistic renderings from earliest days. Byzantine frescoes depict them as high-ranking Persian dignitaries.  We’re not sure how many of them there were. Because they offered three gifts, tradition assumes there were 3, but across the centuries, they number from 2-12. Three kings comes, not from […]