Sermons from August 2015

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The One Anothers


These two words appear together more than 100 times in the Bible.  One another.  Apparently each other refers to TWO.  But one another is like the southern way of saying All Y’all.  These “One anothers” are often repeated by different authors in the Bible, or similar ones appear in different books of the Bible.  Greet […]

Gathering the Fragments: John 6


Can you remember the top 100 “best meals of your life”. Those moments when the company and the food was so good; you felt satisfied; perhaps you were so full that you thought, “I don’t think I could ever eat again.” But, inevitably, your tummy starts rumbling again – usually a few hours down the […]

Tell it Slant: 2 Samuel 11:26-12


Would you rather be the one who messes up, lacks self-awareness, then needs to be confronted? Or would you rather be the one who realizes SOMEONE ELSE messed up and needs to be confronted and the short stick falls to you? Is there a third option or would you like to have one of those […]