Sermons from July 2015

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2 Samuel 11 – David


Last week we got a glimpse of Dancing King David who brought the Ark of the Covenant into Jerusalem, which would also become known as the City of David. King David might have been “a man after God’s own heart,” but he also had his dark side which we read about today. David’s army was […]

II Samuel 6: Dancing before God


Can you remember a time when you danced with such wild abandon that most of your clothes fell off? Me either. Have you ever thought about dancing before God? Does worship ever inspire such passion and ecstasy that we can’t help but throw our bodies into a dancing prayer? The reading from Samuel describes David […]

We the People of God


If I started this sentence, could you fill in the blank? “We the People…” Who had to memorize the Preamble to the Constitution? That was my 8th grade history task. I succeeded because of SchoolHouse Rock. Those of us who lived our formative years in the 1970s remember it well. We the people, In order […]